This week I have been so saddened to hear of 2 young guys on the coast commit suicide. They were both friends of friends of mine.

When I was 18, I planned my suicide. At that moment, A loud voice said (‘don’t do it, if you hang on a bit longer you will find happiness one day’). I listened, I didn’t, and I have. I have found so much happiness. When I used to walk down the street in the midst of the darkest depression I would see people walking together, talking and smiling.

That was all I wanted. Was to feel that joy that I saw on the faces of so many people, yet deep down I was trapped. My soul was in darkness. I wrote this a few years after.

This is for anyone struggling out there with hopelessness. PLEASE HANG ON – HAPPINESS IS on the way.

My life was full of devastation I was going my own way. Continually doing my thing Was never going to pay. My life was spiralling downward My mind out of control. Searching in all the wrong places, for something to make me whole. I thought that I would take my life away, then the voice from heaven, said, hold on for a better day is coming. Will you just stop running, don’t throw your life away. I’l give you the solution And you’ll see a better day. Suicide’s a permanent solution to a problem that is only temporary. If you hold on, and you are strong, you’ll see a BETTER day is coming and it won’t be very long.

If you are feeling alone there are people out there who care. I’m here for anyone that needs someone.

Beyond blue and lifeline are also amazing support.

Beyond Blue Lifeline