Living One Day at a Time

Living One Day at a Time


Do you ever feel like you can barely get through today, let alone tomorrow or the day after that? Well, the reality is, thinking this way will only produce anxiety and fear of the future. And sometimes we need to bring it down to one moment at a time.

We were never meant to worry about tomorrow. Look forward to, yes but not worry about or dread.

While ever we are looking forward we are not living in the now. We are literally missing out on the many things that are going on around us in this present moment. Most of us miss what is going on NOW!

I remember an exercise my 4th class English teacher, had us do. I didn’t know it then, but it was an exercise in mindfulness.

She asked us to be very still, and listen for the many different sounds we could hear for that next two minutes. I still practice this today. Sometimes when I sit on my back deck and purposefully listen, I can hear several different birds singing, the sound of cars, rustling leaves, my heartbeat, and the wind. It really brings me right back to the here and now and brings with it such a sense of peace and serenity.

I don’t know about you but I used to live life for many years as if I was riding a rollercoaster.

I would get so excited about the good things that were coming up tomorrow or next week or in the future and being a natural optimist my expectations were so high they were almost through the roof and often extremely unrealistic. Most of the time after the event or what I had been looking forward to I felt LET DOWN. Then I would dive into the depths of despair or depression over unmet expectations.

These days I don’t get overly excited about things beforehand and try and stay on an even keel. Then whatever great things happen are a bonus. This is good practice for my mental health.

Then there is the big one!


While ever we do this, we will be stuck… We really can’t go anywhere… If you are constantly living in yesterday you might as well be walking in quicksand.. Until you get out, you will never be free to enjoy today…

After counselling so many people and having endured myself I have come to realise that most of the traumas people face are in the ‘recollection of the suffering of the past’… We tend to bring it into the here and now with us when it has no place to be there. It is not part of our unless we make it so, so today and every day is a new day of its own.

Often we base our perception on what we ‘think’ we are able to cope with into the future based on our past experiences. It’s never a good prescription for success or happiness because today we are stronger than yesterday having overcome the challenges we have faced. With it we possess a new capacity as a result, so what we are able to do tomorrow will be greater than yesterday if we are able to look at it in this positive light.

True happiness lies in living for today. Living for today equals balance. Today is a gift. Don’t miss it. If we didn’t have the bad moments we would never appreciate the good ones. No day is perfect, but as I always say, ‘there are perfect moments in every day’. And the moments that aren’t so perfect, are opportunities for growth and compassion. So, live your life today with gratitude for whatever you can find to be grateful for.

I am so grateful I heard this saying, ‘ONE DAY AT A TIME’ all those years ago when I became clean and sober.

Back then to go one day through life without drinking seemed like an absolute impossibility. To think that I could go years without it back then was unfathomable but has proved to be possible one day at a time. For someone like me who needed alcohol and pills every single day to get through life, I know this to be so true,

Anything is possible one day at a time.

Kerrie Atherton

It’s All About the Thoughts!

It’s All About the Thoughts!

Feeling sad, angry, fearful?

WANT A MORE POSITIVE LIFE! You can’t control what comes into your head but you CAN control what you do with it after that. If you continually have stinking thinking you will produce negative outcomes in your life. Want positive outcomes? (more…)

Did you know that?

Did you know that?


Did you know that 80% of a child’s gaming is done between the hours of 10pm and 6am!

This can’t happen if control of the device stays in your hands even while you sleep. Sometimes we try too hard to be our child’s friend and the parenting goes out the window! Children surveyed said that ‘even though they will argue the point’ if their parents set boundaries, it will show them that they care.

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Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings


When I started my journey of recovery from alcoholism and pill addiction after wanting to commit suicide at 18, I was working near Circular Quay in Sydney. I was struggling with severe depression and every morning I woke up, With a huge black cloud hanging over my head. One of the sayings I had heard in Alcoholics Anonymous was ‘Count your blessings’. As I walked past the ferries every morning to get to work feeling so sorry for myself and how my life had ended up, a homeless man with no legs would sit in his wheelchair looking down at the water as everyone stared at him. Immediately there it was! 

I would think to myself, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. I thought, Yes life may be hard, but at least I have legs to walk. I can get up and shower every morning. I have a place to live, I can still work and earn a living so I can eat. I have family who love me. I may have lost my spirit but I haven’t lost everything! I felt so sad for this man but I was so grateful to him for the daily reminder of ‘just how BLESSED I really was’. He didn’t know it but he helped me look at my life through a different lens. He helped me get through the darkest time of my life.


What I would give for one more I love you!

What I would give for one more I love you!


What I would give for one more I love you!
Such a special time for many but for others a time of sadness. This is my first Father’s day without my dad. No card will be sent or received and no phone call just to say “I love you”. I have learnt that when the times of sadness hit the hardest, I can either lie down and be immobilised, OR have a quick visit, feel the pain and then get up and focus on the things that bring me JOY. I do not want to camp in a place of heartache for too long. I prefer to choose JOY!

If you are someone who will find fathers day difficult, let me encourage you, to plan something to look forward to. To look after yourself and surround yourself with whoever and whatever is good for your soul and whatever will bring you peace and happiness.