Empowering You with Solutions, to Live Your Life with Hope

We take the time to understand your current concerns before we start to really understand how we can best be of service. We offer a range of personal, professional, business, education and event solutions focused on Hope, Growth and Healing

Wellbeing Coaching

Have anxiety and stress been weighing you down and causing you to feel overwhelmed? Are you struggling with your mental health? Are you feeling defeated in certain areas of your life? Do you feel like your performance is flailing OR lacking as? Maybe you’re rocking it by day in your career, but your family life is suffering as a result? Maybe your life is out of balance? Or maybe your reputation is at stake, and you feel you have no one to really open up to, and just need someone in a confidential space to sit and listen to you.  Whatever the reason, there is HOPE and help is on the way.  

By talking about those things which keep bottling up and learning mind management skills and positive self-care strategies you can decrease feelings of overwhelming stress and anxiety. I can help you build your mental fitness back up to optimum limits so that when life throws you curveballs, you will have a good foundation to stand strong.

Time and time again my clients report back what a load has been lifted off their shoulders just by sharing that which was weighing heavily on their mind giving them a new sense of peace and freedom to face each day. Maybe it’s one session you need or maybe a few, regardless a problem shared is a problem halved and talking it out helps you to gain clarification and a new sense of perception to enable you to move forward with Hope.

“I personally couldn’t recommend Kerrie enough! I came to Kerrie after I separated from my wife. I felt empty, confused, sad, grieving and feeling like a failure. After a few sessions with Kerrie, I left feeling relieved.

Kerrie was great and straight away I felt comfortable and safe that I could be open to share with Kerrie with vulnerability. As a result, I now feel worthy of a healthy loving relationship. 
I feel a sense of wholeness on my own. My life has now positively taken off in all areas”. 

Wellbeing Counselling


Maybe at times you feel OR have felt defeated, depressed, and hopeless and don’t know how to climb out of the pit you are stuck in or how to get off the merry go round of life. Are you turning to alcohol or substances or other addictions as a way of escapism to numb your pain? Maybe there has been a crisis in your life or loneliness or trauma from the past which has caused you to have lost hope and live your life feeling continually defeated.  There is HOPE. I have years of experience empowering countless people just like you to find their way back up again and start living life with joy, peace and a sense of fulfilment.   

In person or online in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment, I help my clients solve their problems.  Through CBT and other techniques, I will help you identify the triggers and unravel those negative self-defeating beliefs that have been holding you back for so long and frame them with new healthy life-giving thoughts. What many don’t realise is that Our thoughts control our feelings, and our feelings control our choices and actions. 

With new clarity I can help you move forward so that you can face each day with positivity, joy, and a purpose worth living for. 

While there is no timeframe with counselling, I find that some clients have been able to find healing and the right tools in just a few sessions, with others opting for ongoing support. Nevertheless, reaching out to talk to someone about your problems and having them hold a secure space to listen to what is deep within you, troubling you and has been weighing you down brings a huge relief and is the beginning of healing and restoration for the rest of your life. 

“Looking back I can see the signs of domestic violence shadowing the women in my family. My grandmother, my mother and I suppose it was my turn next. I carried shame about who I am and the family I come from.

Kerrie has given me support and the tools I needed to recognise domestic violence and to leave my violent partner.
Fear of the unknown has played a role in my decisions; however Kerrie has walked this very rough road with me.

Trauma Counselling

“I heard about Kerrie from a podcast called Coffee Chats with Matt Collins, I am a podcast addict. I struggle with anxiety and am in recovery from substance abuse (Alcohol, Valium and Codeine).

We worked through my whole life’s timeline since 1966 to present. The fears and stresses that have never been resolved came out and she put them into perspective. Am I fixed? Yes, to very large degree. As you read this, I’m riding off into the sunset on my motorbike.

Substance Abuse Counselling

Mental Health First Aid Training

Did you know 1 in 4 people are struggling with their mental health? 

Anxiety disorders, Depressive disorders, substance abuse disorders are the top three forms of mental illness and latest studies show that females are more prone to anxiety and depressive disorders with men to substance abuse disorders, and 5/6 suicides are men. 

Most people aren’t aware of what to do when it comes to a mental health crisis, and this could be solved by engaging in the Mental Health First Aid Training course. You will learn the signs that someone close to you or in your workplace may be struggling along with a vital action plan to help you give support, empathy and help them gain professional support, maybe even, save their life. The signs are not always easy to read. This course may be even helpful for people who are struggling themselves and fail to recognise the signs.

By engaging in Mental Health Training, you are helping to make the world a greater place. By reaching out to people who need support, we as a greater community can live in a healthier, more harmonious, and caring environment and one where people have a lot more empathy for one another. 

This course is run either online with 5-7 hours of self-paced E Learning followed by two group sessions of 2.5 hours over a week or a fortnight, or in person in your community or workplace over two days consisting of 5 hours each day. 

“Kerrie created a very safe and collaborative two-way environment. She was very clear and engaging. I could not recommend her highly enough

I really appreciated Kerrie’s friendly, engaging, and professional presentation. She quickly put me at ease, encouraging us all to participate, and giving us the confidence to contribute. This in spite of the limitations of Zoom!

Client Solutions Fit Out Specialist


Recovery from Addiction

For individuals or family members of those struggling with Alcohol abuse, substance misuse or other addictions

For anyone who doesn’t want to live under the weight of addiction

For anyone who suspects they may have a problem with alcohol, other drugs or other addictions

Kerrie shares her own personal lived experience of how her childhood dreams were lost to addictions and how Kerrie became a prisoner, trapped in the vice of alcohol and pills, until becoming so hopeless and suicidal that one fateful day, Kerrie woke up and planned to end it all. BUT something happened … Clean and Sober for over 39 years, Kerrie helps people from all walks of life who have been through all kinds of hard times, to find HOPE. 

This session will:

  • Give hope to those battling or know someone battling addictions
  • Raise awareness around the thoughts and feelings of those battling addictions
  • Knowledge about the warning signs
  • Strategies for recovery
Living beyond PTSD

Anyone living with or caring for someone with PTSD or who wants to know more about the effects and how to overcome PTSD

Kerrie shares her own journey of PTSD caused by traumatic events in her past along with the grief of losing both parents to long term illnesses. She shares about how she recovered and talks about the self-care strategies she learnt along the way.  She will also teach you how to identify triggers and what to do when you feel overwhelmed along with the role your thoughts play in helping you with emotional regulation resulting in positive life choices.

This session will:

  • Empower those struggling to know there is hope
  • Give information on how to support oneself or your loved one
  • Learn how to identify triggers and about the latest treatments
  • Learn about the power of resilience 
Stepping out of Abuse

Survivors of Domestic and family violence sexual assault and bullying 

After a childhood sexual assault at nine, and again at 17 along with enduring many years of bullying, Kerrie in a very fragile state then became involved with another abuser at 18.  This saw her trapped and isolated in an domestic violent relationship for three years. Kerrie finally became free at 21 stepping out of the cycle of violence.  Kerrie takes you on a very moving journey of how she found the strength to reclaim her sense of self and go on to learn to love herself again and find her purpose for a greater life.

This session will:

  • Talk about the early warning signs to look out for
  • Give Hope for a greater future
  • Empower and inspire victims with self-esteem strategies
Building a Community of HOPE

People are people and we all experience challenges in life.  At those times it’s inspiring to hear a lived experience story of someone who has faced similar challenges and has come out the other side. It lets you know that, ‘you are not alone’. When someone has found light at the end of the tunnel they can shine a torch like no other and send a loud message that if they can, you can too. No matter what you are going through in life, hope is for everyone.

As founder of Stories of Hope Worldwide, and an active member in her community, Kerrie understands the power of the story, the local community and how building a community of hope will change lives for the better.

This session will share the message that:

  • You don’t have to do life alone
  • There is always hope
  • Everyday people just like you have overcome extraordinary odds and challenges 
  • Your greatest pain can springboard you into your greatest purpose ever

“I heard Kerrie speak at the Fearless Conference on PTSD and was moved, not only by her story but her strength and ability to engage the audience in her message. If you ever have the opportunity to hear Kerrie speak or have her speak at any event I would recommend grasping the chance”.

Claire Morgan
HR, learning and Development Coordinator at The Change Room.

If You have not heard Kerrie speak, you haven’t heard one of Australia’s best speakers, she is simply amazing. She is a heart speaker – yes, she will hit you in your heart.  I have never felt so moved, as I did listening to Kerrie, I highly recommend you hearing her story of Hope”

Anton Guinea
Safety Expert Leading Under Pressure

“Kerrie was a speaker at the inaugural Fearless National conversation, held on the Sunshine Coast, between 21-23 August 2019. Her story enthralled everyone in the room and reminded all of us of the power of the community and of people like Kerrie who want to make a difference. 

She is articulate, passionate and resonates with a wide audience.  She leaves people wanting more and is a community leader in every sense of the word.  Her story and those of the people she represents, will help people better understand the national burden that is PTSD.”

Alex Gerrick
CEO – Fearless PTSD Australia & New Zealand 

“Having been involved with Kerrie on a number of projects involving both children and adults, I can say that she is one of a kind. Kerrie’s passion for helping people in society is unparalleled and something that I have not seen before. Kerrie should be commended for her efforts and passion in helping people with addictions, mental health and suicide prevention”

Stuart Rawlins Former Police Detective
Head of Safety, Health & Environment for Asia Pacific Zone for McCormick & Company.