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Successful on the Outside

You may look successful on the outside, BUT is it an allusion? Are you nailing it by day at the office, but at home it's a different story? Is your private life crumbling and is it about to invade your corporate life or maybe your reputation. Are you struggling alone?...

Finding Joy Through Adversity

Phenomenal real life Stories of HOPE prove that finding joy through adversity is possible if you never give up.

Leading the way with vulnerbility

Allowing myself to be vulnerable and speaking out about my deepest pain and secrets allowed me to become a leader that could offer other people hope.

Live your Life with Hope

Kerrie Atherton, founder of EMPOWER Life Solutions and Stories of Hope Worldwide has been working with individuals and families to overcome the devastating effects of drug and alcohol addiction for over 30 years. Kerrie’s extensive work with adolescents on the Sunshine Coast for some 11+ years in various schooling support roles means Kerrie delivers a unique, practical and most importantly effective range of solutions for you, your children or your entire family. In essence, Kerrie works with people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Despite what has been in the past, the rest of your life can be much greater in the future. Today choose Change, choose a life filled with PURPOSE, JOY and HOPE.

– Kerrie Atherton

“My son had been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts and also anxiety for some time, he also was experiencing bullying at school ... I took him to see Kerrie and my son has been stable and calm now for about 2 months, is quite an achievement for him!"

Anon, Maroochydore
Trauma Counselling

“Having been involved with Kerrie on a number of projects involving both children and adults I can say that she is one of a kind. Kerrie's passion for helping people in society is unparalleled and something that I have not seen before."

Stuart Rawlins
Founder, Healthy Mind Healthy Future

“After going through an extremely traumatic time in my life I lost hope of ever living a healthy, happy life where I would feel loved. Kerrie's support was beyond helpful having someone I could trust in my life and talk to in confidence with zero judgments."

Ben J, Mooloolaba
1 on 1 Counselling

“I have 4 boys and my eldest son got into the drug scene and started being physically and verbally abusive to our whole family. Kerrie used her vast knowledge to help the boys through counsellinglinking us up with outside organizations to assist our difficult family situation."

Ang D, Maroochydore
Family & Addiction Counselling

Looking for HOPE? Digest some at your pace!

Stories of HOPE Books – Vol 1, 2 & 3

Hear the stories of how everyday people, people just like you have overcome extraordinary odds and challenges.

By Kerrie Atherton

Looking for HOPE, Listen to some now!

Emotional Abuse – A Conversation with Kerrie Atherton

Emotional Abuse, it’s a little understood and talked about form of abuse which is far more common than most people realise. This podcast mini series hopes to shed light on how these people gain control and develop a power over a person to the point that you lose any self worth and independence and feel you cannot leave and if you do speak up, will never be believed.

Designed to bring awareness to this more silent form of abuse, this podcast will also give an insight into the long asked question “Why do people stay/put up with this for so long?”

Stories of HOPE


Online & Community Events for the purpose of inspiring HOPE and CONNECTION through the sharing of stories of triumph over difficult circumstances hosted by Kerrie Atherton of Empower Life Solutions