"Our Story"

Hope | Trust | Empathy

Kerrie Atherton, founder of EMPOWER Life Solutions has been working with individuals and families for many years now helping them through traumatic events in their lives and empowering them through counselling, therapy and community connection to find healing, purpose and HOPE.

Kerrie has experienced much trauma in her own life. After coming out the other side of a pill addiction and alcoholism herself at an early age, her passion was forged to help heal others experiencing pain in their lives. As a result, she has a genuine desire to see people recover and go on to become the best version of themselves as possible. Kerrie also has a great desire to inspire the masses with this message, ‘No matter what you have gone through in life, recovery and HOPE are definitely possible’.

Kerrie has over 30 years experience walking alongside those battling the cycle and the devastating effects of drug and alcohol addictions amongst other things, and using effective counselling techniques such as Mindfulness and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy has seen many of her clients not only walk free from their past, but into their destiny to a life far greater than they ever imagined.

Having also worked extensively with adolescents at risk in schools on the Sunshine Coast for the past 11 years, Kerrie has a wealth of experience to offer individuals and families going through challenging and difficult phases in their life especially young people experiencing bullying, addictions, depression and anxiety.


Hope for Community Events

Stories of HOPE Australia is our monthly community event held on the last Tuesday of each month at the Sands Tavern Maroochydore at 7pm with bonus men’s and women only events throughout the year in different locations around Australia.


Hope for Corporate Events

Stories of HOPE Australia can come into your business and tailor-make an event specifically targeted to the individual needs of the staff.  Designed to bring greater harmony, productivity, resiliency, lasting change and HOPE.


Counselling Sessions

Kerrie offers a range of counselling options including individual face to face, phone, skype


6 steps to Recovery

6 session package –  designed for recovery for those battling alcohol, prescription medication or substance abuse.


Hope for Schools (HFS)

HFS Seminars are available in 3 formats for students from year 5-12 designed for prevention and early intervention. Providing awareness, strategies and tools targeting;

  • Bullying
  • Social technology addiction
  • Dealing with anxiety and stress
  • Sexting & Gaming

Drug and alcohol awareness

Awareness and prevention Suicide, sexual assault, drug and alcohol abuse.

Clients & Collaborators

“My family have known Kerrie for 4 years. I have 4 boys and my eldest son got into the drug scene and started being physically and verbally abusive to our whole family. Kerrie used her vast knowledge to help the boys through counselling, and when outside assistance was needed, she took the time to find the appropriate help for us linking us up with outside organizations to assist our difficult family situation.

I can't thank Kerrie enough for all the help she has given my family."

Ang D, Maroochydore

Family & Addiction Counselling

“After going through an extremely traumatic time in my life I lost hope of ever living a healthy, happy life where I would feel loved. Kerrie's support was beyond helpful having someone I could trust in my life and talk to in confidence with zero judgments. Through regular counselling and guidance from Kerrie, I began to find self-worth and hope.  I would highly recommend Kerrie to anyone struggling with any battles no matter how big or small."

Ben J, Mooloolaba

1 on 1 Counselling

“Having been involved with Kerrie on a number of projects involving both children and adults I can say that she is one of a kind. Kerrie's passion for helping people in society is unparalleled and something that I have not seen before.

Kerrie should be commended for her efforts and passion in helping people with addictions, mental health and suicide prevention."

Stuart Rawlins

Founder, Healthy Mind Healthy Future

“My son had been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts and also anxiety for some time, he also was experiencing bullying at school ... I took him to see Kerrie and my son has been stable and calm now for about 2 months,  is quite an achievement for him! His anxiety attacks have diminished and he hasn't had any suicidal episodes for 2 months after only 4 appointments.

I cant tell you how grateful I am for Kerrie and her love, wisdom, guidance and support."

Anon, Maroochydore

Trauma Counselling