When I started my journey of recovery from alcoholism and pill addiction after wanting to commit suicide at 18, I was working near Circular Quay in Sydney. I was struggling with severe depression and every morning I woke up, With a huge black cloud hanging over my head. One of the sayings I had heard in Alcoholics Anonymous was ‘Count your blessings’. As I walked past the ferries every morning to get to work feeling so sorry for myself and how my life had ended up, a homeless man with no legs would sit in his wheelchair looking down at the water as everyone stared at him. Immediately there it was! 

I would think to myself, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. I thought, Yes life may be hard, but at least I have legs to walk. I can get up and shower every morning. I have a place to live, I can still work and earn a living so I can eat. I have family who love me. I may have lost my spirit but I haven’t lost everything! I felt so sad for this man but I was so grateful to him for the daily reminder of ‘just how BLESSED I really was’. He didn’t know it but he helped me look at my life through a different lens. He helped me get through the darkest time of my life.